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Tokyo Metro Subway System

In April 2004, Tokyo Metro (formerly Teito Rapid Transit Authority) was privatized with an emphasis on “passengers' viewpoints” and “self-sustaining operation.” In order to improve facilities for passengers, and revamp its passenger guidance system, Tokyo Metro appointed R.E.I. as its designer.

R.E.I. produced design criteria for a passenger guidance system from the viewpoints of three types of passengers: (1) conventional passengers, senior passengers, and disabled passengers, (2) tourists from foreign countries, and other parts of the country, and (3) those who seek an aesthetically pleasing urban environment in Tokyo.
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Asahikawa Airport Terminal
Sendai Airport Terminal

Sendai Airport Terminal

Sendai Airport Terminal Building is the first terminal building designated for implementing a law called "Heart Building Act" to provide barrier-free access to elderly and handicapped people.>> More information

Rinkai Fukutoshin Symbol Promenade

Rinkai Fukutoshin Symbol Promenade

Symbol Promenade stretches around for 4 kilometers through Ariake, Odaiba and Aomi in Rinkai Fukutoshin, Tokyo Bay, and offers a place of recreation and relaxation. There are other popular attractions in the area such as Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake Coliseum and Odaiba Kaihin Park.

Signage for Symbol Promenade was coordinated to be related to the overall guidance system of Rinkai Fukutoshin.>> More information